yogurt. antimatter flavour

Editorial Project Graphic Design

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yogurt. ANTIMATTER flavour

300 copies
86 pages
24 cm x 34 cm
20 euro shipping costs excluded



yogurt. is the paper outcome of yogurtmagazine.com. It’s not quite an editorial outcome, but rather a curatorial proposal set on paper, enhancing the uniqueness of different artistic approaches by exploring unusual visual languages.

In the current issue, we have paid particular attention to the body: the shell and the catalyst of our impulses.

ANTIMATTER is a fervent visual journey of four artists whose uncanny gazes shatter the paradigms of the photographic aesthetics, transmuting the body – which is metaphysically dismembered, violently carnal, suggested or sketched, but always present – into a simulacrum.

Dirk Braeckman 
Tiane Doan na Champassak
Julie Van der Vaart 
Fosi Vegue 

Editor in Chief & Art Director Francesco Rombaldi
Contributing Editor Luigi Cecconi
Graphic Designer Isabella Mancioli
Content Contributor & Researcher Larisa Oancea