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Melissa Forti’s Christmas Baking Book

Christmas is the time of year when people reach for their aprons and measuring spoons to transform butter, sugar, and flour into delectable treats.

Melissa Forti combines a modern sensibility with old-world tradition. A self-taught baker, Forti’s artistry is based on centuries of Italian and European baking traditions. In this new book, she treats her readers to recipes that she has collected and modernized, as well as those she’s created herself.

Each recipe is illustrated with a mouthwatering, full-color photograph. Forti knows that Christmas is more than a day – it’s a season for gathering with loved ones and celebrating the past as well as the present.

Testi © Melissa Forti
Fotografie © Danny Bernardini
Creatività Massimo Zannoni
Progetto Grafico Isabella Mancioli
Decorazioni floreali e prop styling Irene Ratti
Consulente di abbigliamento Carlotta Cozzani

Edizione originale “Melissa Forti’s Baking Book”
Edizione italiana “Natale: i dolci delle feste come piacciono a me”